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Floor Preparation – To install a flawless and durable flooring system

Have you noticed those peeling, uneven or bubbling floors? Well, it is because the floor was not prepped properly before the new installation. You definitely don’t want that to happen at your space. Right? Therefore, if you are planning to install a new floor at your home or office, you must properly prepare the surface first.

Floor preparation is the first and foremost thing to do to install a new flooring system that stays intact for long. And for that, you need the professional service of Wood Flooring Fitting London where the experts use a range of apparatus and preparation methods to prepare the surface to unbeatable standards.

Floor Preparation – How does it work?

It is essential to open, clean, and porous each surface for perfect floor installation.

Preparing the surface involves demolition of the existing floor and breaking the concrete and flooring bond. We at Wood Flooring Fitting provide the best floor preparation service London with the help of state of the art equipment and trained experts to meet all surface preparation challenges.

Floor preparation leads to levelled, shining, and beautiful surface that adds to the beauty of your space. So, whether you are planning to get laminate, carpet, vinyl, tile or hardwood flooring installed at your place, we provide a professional and certified solution to all your surface preparation needs in London.

Wood Flooring Fitting – The floor preparation experts

Whether you are looking for residential, commercial or industrial floor installation, we are well equipped with specifically designed equipment, machines and human resources to carry out the surface preparation task with higher efficiency and perfection. We grind, strip and plane your floor using specific machines and prepare it for the new installation.

With our professional floor preparation solution, we provide speedy removal of the elements that are left behind during the process of old floor removal. It includes

  • Adhesive
  • Paint
  • Sealer
  • Thinset
  • Epoxy

Also, we avoid using harsh chemicals during the process to secure the health of humans as well as the environment. To learn more or to get an estimate for your floor preparation project, contact us now.

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