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Engineered Wood Flooring London

Engineered wood flooring is an extremely popular and sought after solution in terms of wood flooring these days. Engineered wood flooring is a versatile and elegant alternative to hardwood flooring. Unlike solid hard wood, which is made from the wood of a single tree, engineered wood flooring is made from the piles of wood from different trees. These different wood piles are processed together under intense heat and pressure. The finished surface when producing engineered wood flooring, contains a pile of solid wood piles which reflect all the natural beauty of the selected wood types. Below this layer, a core of high density fibre board (HDF) is placed, followed by a hardwood backing. These different layers are fumed together to create a board which has enhanced structural integrity. The market for engineered wood flooring London, in specific, has progressed in the last few years. We have come up with some of the basic and most intriguing advantages of engineered wood flooring when compared to other floorings.
The resemblance to pure and real wood is one of the major benefits of engineered wood flooring. This is one of the great things about this type of flooring as it looks just like real wood. When engineered wood was first introduced, people neglected it thinking it to be not as good as solid wood. However today, most people are in favour of using engineered wood flooring rather than solid wood flooring. Due to the process through which engineered wood floors go, these wood floors do not expand and contract as much as a solid wood flooring. This means that you can lay engineered wood flooring in areas where the temperature can fluctuate such as bathrooms or kitchens. Engineered wood floorings are made with several layers of plywood before they are topped off with an outer layer of solid wood. This makes engineered wood flooring extremely durable and long-lasting.
One of the biggest advantages of having engineered wood flooring in your house is that these wood floorings can be re-sanded in their lifetime. This means that you can bring the floor back to life when it looks dusty or tired. Re-sanding is also a good way to remove markings or floor stains. Re-sanding your engineered wood flooring can give you an advantage of refining the floor every time. This means that you can make it looks as good as new and change the look as well, every time you re-sand your engineered wood flooring. These engineered wood floorings are widely available, especially the engineered wood flooring London have a wide variety of different textures, designs and colours. Engineered wood flooring lends itself to wider boards. This means that due to the plywood layers, the engineered wood flooring is made much wider than solid wood flooring. This helps in places where you need big blocks of wood flooring. Above all, the engineered wood floorings come with in chevron and parquet look.
Engineered wood floorings are a great way to replace solid wood floorings if you do not want those in your house. With several benefits, engineered wood floorings can make your house look classy and fulfil your desires!